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A Lot Matters, LLC

Community Development - One lot at a time

Looking for a licensed and experienced professional to tackle a project? We are NOT the organization you are looking for. Yes, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured General Contractor in the state of Oregon, but A Lot Matters, LLC is focused on a different approach to construction.

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Our Mission

Uplift the Myrtle Creek community through thoughtful property development

A Lot Matters, LLC serves as venture capital, property, and community development organization serving Myrtle Creek, Oregon and surrounding areas. We are focused on improving the single family residential sector through renovation and building of working family homes to refine and strengthen our community through  economic growth and job creation.


Our Method

To identify and enhance residential development projects that will improve the standard of living of those in Myrtle Creek Oregon and surrounding areas.


140 Rust Ln Before renovation


After Transformation

140 Rust Ln started as a neglected and non-livable (but promising) property. Within a year, this property has been transformed into a high quality home, with solar generation for its owners.




140 Rust now includes a landscaped hillside with drainage, retaining wall, a top of the line shop with lift, and... a basement renovation is underway as well!


211 Klimback

This house was originally built in 2005 at approximately 1600 sqft but was never was occupied. Renovations underway bring this to a 2900 sqft ranch style house with lots of amenities!


Lancelot Subdivision

Trenches are open in this 12 lot subdivision and many of the  22 checklist items have been completed - Power is next! 

Middle income Family housing that is functional and affordable

Industry partners, contractors, and supporters
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James Bell Construction, LLC

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Community Focused

To lean more about Myrtle Creek, Oregon, click the link below: 

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